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Standard Model | Senior Physics | meriSTEM


About This Course

meriSTEM The Standard Model will investigate particle properties, exchange/gauge bosons, Feynman diagrams, the history of our universe, the Higgs boson and modern experiments in particle physics. Introduced by meriSTEM expert contributors and brought to life by your teacher.

Course sub-topics

  • Introduction to sub-atomic particles
  • Leptons, Hadrons and Quarks
  • Reactions
  • Sub-atomic interactions and fields
  • Cosmology and the standard model
  • Modern particle physics

Information for teachers

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Course Staff

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Liz Williams

Elizabeth Williams completed her PhD in experimental nuclear structure at Yale University in December 2009. She completed postdoctoral work in experimental nuclear structure at Yale (2010) and in applied nuclear science at CSIRO in Sydney (2010-2011). She began working as a research fellow in nuclear reaction dynamics at the ANU in 2012, and currently holds an ARC DECRA fellowship.

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Zain Mehdi

Zain became involved with meriSTEM in his third year of univesrity, as part of a Research Topic in Physics course. He's now studying PhD in the ANU Research School of Physics. He says "I'm a big fan of the flipped classroom format - if done right it can allow students to engage at a much deeper level. As with any type of teaching, getting it right is ususally the hard part. By providing high-quality best practice content for free, meriSTEM is doing its part in supporting educators and students to make a better future."

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