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Organic Molecules | Senior Chemistry | meriSTEM


About This Course

Organic molecules, part of Unit 4 for Senior Chemistry, as introduced by expert contributors and coordinated by your teacher.

This is a new course launched in late 2021, so please share your feedback and suggestions for further content.

Course sub-topics

  • Reactions of organic molecules
  • Addition reactions of unsaturated hydrocarbons
  • Substitution reactions
  • Fuels
  • Reactions of alcohols
  • Reactions of esters
  • Reactions of aldehydes
  • Reactions of acids
  • Saponifications
  • Reactions of aromatics
  • Organic chemistry reaction pathways
  • Synthesis

Information for teachers

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Course Staff

Col Harrison

Dr Col Harrison

I create videos using an experimental flipped classroom approach which incorporates Peer Instruction to contribute to a new format I call the WRX (Watch, Read, eXplain). I teach Science in NSW high schools. My flipped videos are accessible on my YouTube channel.

Toby Ward

Toby Ward

I teach in a large High School in metropolitan Adelaide and I’ve been flipping my senior science classes since 2015. I’ve created a range of video and Flipped Learning resources covering year 8 Australian Curriculum Maths, SACE Year 11 Biology, and SACE Year 11 and 12 Chemistry. I’m passionate about Flipped Learning methodology and Flipped Feedback, where students receive feedback on their work through short videos. I present at state and national conferences on different techniques of making how to use video resources in the classroom to assist students in their learning. My flipped videos are accessible on the "MrWardScience" YouTube channel.

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