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Matter and Elements | Senior Chemistry | meriSTEM


About This Course

Introducing the building blocks of our universe - matter, mixtures, atoms, elements, ions, molecules, isotopes - and how we can detect them, as introduced by expert contributors and brought to life by your teacher.

Course sub-topics

  • Matter
    • Matter and terms
    • Mixtures
    • Atoms
    • Ions
    • Compounds
  • Elements
    • Introduction to light
    • Atomic secrets in the shadows
    • Electron configuration
    • Periodic trends
    • Isotopes
    • Analytical chemistry

Information for teachers

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Course Staff

Kathryn White

Dr Kathryn White

Kathryn White is a secondary school teacher in Canberra. She received a PhD in physical chemistry from the University of Sydney (2006) and worked in soft matter physics research at the University of Edinburgh (2006-2009). She has taught at Merici College since 2010, and additionally teaches the ANU Extension course in Chemistry. She holds a Highly Accomplished certification from the Teaching Quality Institute ACT and is the Program Director for the Junior Science Olympiad. She has been working on flipping her courses since 2013.

Nick White

Dr Nick White

Nick was born in the UK, but grew up in New Zealand. He completed his BSc(Hons) at the University of Otago (in Dunedin, New Zealand), has worked at the University of Oxford (UK) and the University of British Columbia (Canada). Nick is a senior lecturer at ANU and teaches coordination chemistry at the first, second and third-year undergraduate level. His research group investigates supramolecular chemistry and is particularly interested in anions, hydrogen bonding, halogen bonding and self-assembly. Away from chemistry, Nick is a keen boulderer and runner. He enjoys playing the guitar and nerding out about music and coffee.

Joe Kaczmarski

Dr Joe Kaczmarski

Joe completed his Bachelor of Philosophy (a research-focussed science degree) at the Australian National University, for which he received First Class Honours and the University Medal in Chemistry (2014). He has worked on various biochemical research projects and recently completed a PhD at ANU studying the evolution of new enzyme function, the structure and function of bicarbonate binding proteins, and antibody-antigen interactions involved with antimalarial vaccinations.