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Electrical Physics | Senior Physics | meriSTEM


About This Course

meriSTEM Electrical Physics will take you through circuits, charge, energy, voltage, power, resistance, Ohm's law, circuit analysis, Kirchhoff's law and resistors. Introduced by meriSTEM expert contributors and brought to life by your teacher.

Course sub-topics

  • What are circuits?
  • Charge and current
  • Energy in a circuit
  • Voltage and current
  • Measuring voltage and current
  • Power
  • Resistance and Ohm's Law
  • Resistivity
  • Circuit analysis
  • Series and parellel resistors
  • Realistic devices

Information for teachers

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Course Staff

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Lachlan McGinness

Lachlan McGinness is a physics teacher at Canberra Girls Grammar School. He graduated with honours in physics from the Australian National University. His research project was centred on developing quantitative tools to measure student learning.

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